Healthy Options

Slowly, I'm changing my family's lifestyle. My husband is not getting any younger and my son is inundated by a barrage of fast food chains with nothing healthy to offer. All that grease isn't good for my son's young heart. He knows it too and he allows me to prepare healthy foods to take to school. My husband and son are meat-lovers though, so they are not about to give up their steaks or barbecues. We've managed to agree on a compromise; they can keep their meats but everything must be downsized. No more thick slabs of steaks that you can knockout a thief with! We've agreed to have and enjoy healthy dinners every night. I have stopped buying microwave dinners -- I realized they are loaded with salt and preservatives. Every meal is now lovingly prepared by me.

There was a little resistance from them in the beginning but this was soon doused when I seriously discussed the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. We all regularly exercise and now they know that eating the right food wouldn't hurt us. Why waste your time hitting the gym if you don't eat healthy? They do enjoy the healthy meals I serve them and they have even taken a liking to the tofu burgers I cook for them. Since we started eating healthy, my son's skin has become clearer. He doesn't even have breakouts that sometimes keep him indoors on weekends. There will always be healthy options.


we eat healthy, no fast food for us.