My Secret

Whenever we have time, my blogger friends and I meet to have coffee and some chitchats.  Most of us are work at home moms and we all help our husband with the expenses through our blogging incomes. 

Blogging used to be very lucrative before.  A few years back, I was very picky with the ads I write.  I can also demand for a higher price since my blogs have high page ranks.  Nowadays, things have become tight.  Most advertisers offer lower compensations.  One of the probable reasons is there are too many bloggers already who offer to write for them.

I have more than 10 blogs and my friends are wondering how I am able to write for different niches.  They wonder how I don't run out of ideas and articles to write.  I told them my secret.  I have several Magazine Subscriptions.  I get my ideas from the magazines I read and share them to my readers.  Sometimes you have to spend a little to earn.  These subscriptions are not very expensive and they are very helpful, at least to me.  Besides, I was able to grab the website's 15% coupon for moms.  I used the "mom15per" code; you might want to try it if you are thinking of getting magazine subscriptions.  I get all my subscription for a minimal fee in exchange for the tons of ideas that I use to write.

When they heard about my secret; they too, are thinking of subscribing to some magazines.  Although the last two years have been a little difficult for us bloggers, I still earn a considerable income that I use for paying some of our bills.  It's because of my hard work.  I really work hard in writing relevant and good articles and in maintaining my page ranks.  I am monetizing my blogs but I also want my friends and visitors to get something from me. I feel proud that when they leave my blog, they have learned something new from me.