Under The Sea Theme

It had been so many years since we last hosted a children's party.  My kids are all grown up now so it was like the first time again when the twins (my grandchildren)celebrated their first birthday party.  My daughter and I had to do some research online because we wanted their first birthday to be unique.

My daughter wanted an under the sea theme so we looked for party decorations and party favors with fishes and sea shells decorations.  We debated about the dress; I doubt the twins would wear a mermaid inspired costume. It's going to be too warm for them considering the weather we have here and I'm sure they won't like that their movements are restricted.  I'm glad she considered because I'm concerned that the girls will not enjoy their party. In the end, she chose a long fluffy skirt for the girls and a bra-like type top.  It was a brilliant idea because you'll still get the impression that they are "little" mermaids.

For the giveaways, she bought small plastic aquariums and bought colorful fighting fishes.  She also re-packed some fish food and attached them to the aquarium. 

It was not a big party but all the kids and even the adults who attended had so much fun.