David's Poems

If there's one person I know who are good at writing poetry; it's my nephew David.  He can easily express what he feels through words and not many people can do that.  One time my son needed to submit a poem in school about the environment and I can see that he was trying so hard to complete a stanza.  When he couldn't do it; he asked for his cousin's help.  David was able to make a long poem in minutes. And you know what?  That poem was chosen to be presented in their program.  And because it was David who wrote the poem, my son's teacher invited him to attend.  He watched the class recite his poem and he was given recognition before the program ended.

David can easily play with words.  Although a poem doesn't necessarily have to rhyme, I don't know how he does it but he can easily think of a word that would perfectly fit.  So when a friend mentioned to me that there is a poetry contest going on online; the whole family is encouraging him to join.  David is a shy boy and according to his mom, he's having second thoughts.  I really hope he'd join because we all believe in him and this is his chance to share a message right from his heart.