His Road to Recovery

Some people believe that overcoming alcohol or drug addiction is a matter of will power. They think that if a person really wants to get out of the habit, he can. Well, it might work to some but the truth is; it is not that easy. The longer you are exposed to alcohol or drugs; the more powerful your cravings get, making it difficult for you to quit or event resist it. I know because I had a cousin who’s been addicted to drugs. His parents were already getting desperate because treatments were not working. 

The experts at Morningside Recovery explained to them that recovery could really take a long time depending on my cousin and it involves setbacks. This doesn’t mean though that the treatment has failed. Full support of family and friends is very important during these trying times. They should be the strongest because showing signs of giving up could only worsen the person’s situation. My aunt and uncle took this as a cue to get back on track. Sticking with my cousin made him realize what his problem was and that’s when he decided that he wanted to make a change and that he’s willing to accept help. Only then was he able to make tremendous improvement and built his self again.