The Best Wool Rug Cleaning Services at ABC of NYC

Rugs are not only functional pieces that protect your flooring from scrapes brought about by footwear and furniture on your floors; they are decorative items as well that add to the appeal and warmth of any room. Homeowners invest in expensive rugs for their functionality and decorative properties. They can add elegance and vibrancy to hallways and rooms.

Wool rugs are among the hardest type to clean and care for. They are very hard to maintain especially if they come with tassels or if they are embroidered in intricate patterns. These rugs usually come with a hefty price tag so it is essential that they are cared for and cleaned by the proper people.

It is indeed fortunate that in New York, the best carpet and rug cleaners, namely, ABC Rug & Carpet Care is open to help maintain all types of rugs and carpets. The ABC wool rug cleaning NYC service is the best in the area. Their state-of-the-art wool rug cleaning process begins with a special vacuum operated only by their most experienced staff. The rug is then sprayed with non-toxic substances which remove tough spots and stains. Once the loose dirt particles and stains are removed, the rug goes through either steam cleaning or a dry-foam cleansing process depending upon the type of wool the rug is made of. The process ensures that your wool rug is dust, dirt and stain free. At ABC, you are sure that your special rugs are cared for in the best possible way.