Unique Wedding Favors for a Truly Unique Wedding

My best friend solicited my assistance when she was planning her son’s wedding. Her son loved birds and to honor this special interest of his, she decided that their wedding would have birds as the central theme. The decorator for the church showed us his plan and birds of various colors were incorporated with the flower arrangements in keeping with the bird theme. The bride’s gown had small birds hand-painted with birds. The groom had a small bird on his lapel. Every detail of the wedding was in keeping with the bird theme.

When it came to finding wedding favors, we had a difficult time of it. Unique wedding favors such as one with a bird theme was not easy to find as we soon found out. Fortunately, a common friend had just finished planning her own daughter’s wedding and she directed us to a website specializing in wedding accessories. She knew she had come upon unique wedding favors on the site that had to do with birds. We checked out the site and true enough; they had a birdhouse favor box which would be perfect for our purpose. My friend’s son and his fiancée were so taken with the favor box. The website saved the day.