Beach Wedding Favors with a Starfish Theme

I had always dreamt of a beach wedding. Thus, when I finally decided to tie the knot, I went for my dream. Fortunately, my fiancée agreed with me. He, too, wanted a beach-themed wedding.

We had carefully gone through every detail of the wedding with the wedding planner and ensured that each one was in keeping with the beach theme. One obstacle we had to hurdle was deciding on the wedding favors. We wanted beach wedding favors that our guests would remember us by. To make matters more difficult, central to our beach-theme was the starfish. Even our wedding planner was stumped. She had to come up with wedding favors that were in keeping with the beach theme that centered on the starfish detail we had set.

She took us to a website with a fabulous array of beach wedding favors in their inventory. I found a starfish candle which I thought would make a great wedding gift that our friends could remember our wedding by. My fiancée liked it as well. Our wedding planner had the wisdom to show us the website which I later learned was one of her most reliable sources for wedding accessories. To this day, I visit the website whenever I host a party. It has become a source of my party accessories, too.