Brush Smarter with Periclean Ultra Soft Toothbrush

Brushing our teeth too hard can be the cause of a lot of problems for our teeth and gums. Often, in our desire to keep our teeth clean and massage our gums in the process, we overdo the cleaning by applying too much pressure when we brush our teeth. Brushing too hard can cause damage to the enamel of our teeth which ultimately leads to hypersensitive teeth. This can also harm our gums and lead to gum recession.

Realizing that applying too much pressure when brushing our teeth actually causes more damage to both our teeth and our gums, he designed this innovative product called the Periclean Ultra-Soft Toothbrush. His 35 years of experience has allowed him to treat thousands of patients with gum recession and gum disease caused by overbrushing. The extra soft toothbrush he created has a rubber head that effectively cleans the teeth, but will damage neither the teeth nor the gums. The soft toothbrush prevents the erosion of the teeth enamel and will definitely not hurt our gums. He explains that our gums are like the skin of our teeth; if it gets hurt from overbrushing, the roots of our teeth may become exposed and make our smile less attractive.

Periclean toothbrushes are unique in its design. They have antibacterial properties. Food particles, toothpaste and bacteria do not accumulate on the toothbrushes. They last for up to six month. They are only available online, though, but it is hoped to be available from dentists and periodontists soon.