Building Better Communities at the YMCA

The Broward County YMCA in Florida has long been involved in programs that are geared towards nurturing the potentials of the youth in the community, improving the health and well-being of members of the community and giving back to the community. These are the main focus areas of the Y.

The very core of any parent’s responsibility towards his/her children is essentially what the Y is all about. Nurturing the potential of every child so that they can grow up to achieve their dreams is a major concern for the parent. Ensuring every child’s health and well-being is also a major responsibility of any parent. Teaching children how to be involved and how to give back to the community is a lesson every parent wants his/her child to learn. Kids can achieve all of these goals with the help of the YMCA.

The Broward County YMCA is present all over Florida. A particular program of the YMCA is the fort lauderdale aquatics program which teaches children how to become good swimmers and at the same time improve their well-being. The YMCA has developed an aquatics program where parents and their children can join at age of 2 and onwards. The Aquatics program is just one of many such programs where a parent can enroll both him and his child to gain continued health and well-being for the whole family.