Butterfly Motiff Wedding Invitations

Butterflies are such lovely creatures. Jerome and Elise (my niece) have agreed that butterflies would be the motif of their wedding. The ceremony is set to be held in a garden just outside of our town. A large tent would be set up within the garden walls where the reception would be held. Elise wanted butterflies to be let loose inside the tent. She also wanted the whole tent to be abloom with flowers.

For the wedding invitations, she naturally wanted a butterfly design that would be in keeping with their determined motif. They had figured on lavender as their color motif. Thus, the wedding invitations should have butterflies and the color lavender on them. That would subtly inform their sponsors and guests of the color motif and the inspiration of their wedding.

The wedding planner did not have an easy time finding wedding invitations in accordance with the motifs the couple had decided on. She brought in sample after sample to show them but none seemed to be satisfactory. Finally, she just brought them to the online store which she often used for her wedding accessories supplies. In their inventory, she found a romantic butterfly invitation which is available in several colors, one of which was lavender. The invitations were perfect. Elise had found the wedding invitations she wanted.