Celtic Wedding Garters

A wedding planner needs to be resourceful and meticulous. Every wedding has to be planned perfectly for the wedding to turn out perfectly as well. My niece, who was just starting a career as a wedding planner often came to me for assistance when she was having a difficult time with a certain detail about a wedding she was working on. I have extensive experience as a wedding planner before I retired.

One time, my niece was working on a wedding with a Celtic theme. The bride was difficult to work with which is understandable, I know because every bride wants her wedding to be perfect. The decision to have a Celtic theme for their wedding came from the groom’s parents and she wanted to please them. When it came to the wedding garter, my niece asked me to help out. She was working closely with the person who was creating the bride’s gown and the wedding garter was a major concern. They did not know where to find a wedding garter with a Celtic theme.

Before I retired, I often relied on a website specializing in wedding accessories. I was sure they had an extensive array of wedding garters in their inventory and I asked my niece to check them out. True enough, they had a Celtic wedding garter that fit the purpose perfectly. It was not easy, but every detail of the wedding was in keeping with the Celtic theme by the time the preparations were over.