Crystal Wedding Decorations for a Most Discriminating Bride

My friend's work as a wedding planner has its ups and downs. She loves the fact that she is able to create wedding memories that couples and their guests will cherish forever. She loves that the brides get to realize their dream weddings with her help. But there are brides that are extremely hard to please. But with patience and reliable suppliers, even the most discriminating bride will eventually be pleased with the outcome of her efforts.

The bride with whom she is working with wants wedding decorations that are made of either glass or crystal. This type of wedding decorations always cost a little bit more. It is indeed fortunate that both the bride and groom come from wealthy families so price is not an issue.

She has been working with a wedding accessories supplier for years that is in a unique position because they design and manufacture a majority of their supplies. In their inventory, my friend found a whole gamut of wedding decorations in glass and crystal which she could use for the wedding she was working on. She brought samples of the crystal and glass collection of my supplier. The bride was ecstatic. She was clearly impressed. My friend knew that from that moment on, she would no longer be questioning her judgement.