Donate to Breast Cancer

I've lost an aunt because of breast cancer.  She was actually my husband's aunt but I was very close to her and it affected me a great deal when she passed away.  The sad part was, the cancer was never detected until it was too late.  We knew she was suffering and she was in pain but her tests didn't show that it was the big C. 

All the while we thought her osteoporosis was giving her much pain so we tried our best to make her feel comfortable.  It was only during her last few weeks that we found out about the cancer, no wonder there were times she was in so much pain.  The whole family was devastated.  Imagine that happened only a few years ago and we are not so behind in technology.  We kept asking ourselves why the tests that she had didn't detect the cancer.  She would have lived longer had we known.  I mean, we would not have prevented it but we could have at least done something to ease her pain and the doctors could have done something to let her be with us longer.  It took some time before we all recovered from that loss.

A couple of years ago I had another aunt (my mom's sister) who had breast cancer.  She survived it after surgery and is now cancer free.  It was a blessing that it was detected early on.  Since then, we've all been on the look out for this.  I do some readings on how to prevent it, up-to-date information on the latest treatments and I even donate to cancer research. is one great site that does extensive research about breast cancer and I also support the non government offices in their drive to spread cancer awareness.  I believe that the more people know about it, the more it can be prevented.  I encourage you to donate as well if you have some extras so the research will continue; cureLauncher is currently working on formulating a drug that can really help women with breast cancer where the tumors spread to their brain, liver or lungs.