Finding the Perfect Wedding Flutes for the Perfect Wedding Reception

I was helping my daughter in preparing for her wedding. While they had hired a wedding planner, because my daughter and her fiancée were very busy months before the wedding, it was but natural that I help out. Her fiancée had lost his mother to cancer a few years back and there was no one in his family who could help out.

It was my role to make sure that the plans for the wedding run as smoothly as possible according to how my daughter envisioned it to be. I was working closely with the wedding planner and every detail that was going into the preparations was approved by my daughter through me. The theme of the wedding was roses. She wanted the rose detail on everything. The planner and I had a serious problem in finding wedding flutes for the toast which had a rose detail on them. For days, we were out looking for them.

Finally, after days of search, the wedding planner had had enough. We sat down together one afternoon and did an online search. We came upon a website which specializes in wedding accessories. Coming to the wedding flutes page, we found the most elegant pair of toasting flutes which had vintage roses made of poly resin detailing at the base. The set was meticulously hand painted from the base of the flutes down to the stems and the base of the glass in gold. Our search paid off because when my daughter saw them, she was overjoyed. The website saved the day.