Linda Found Cute Wine Wedding Favors

Getting married to a wine connoisseur is like marrying winery, Linda says. While planning their wedding, her fiancé who happens to work at a leading winery wanted a wedding that would work around a wine theme. Their planner had to come up with a whole lot of touches that would show the wine inspired theme of their wedding. She found a place which used to be a winery but were now a local inn which was perfect for Linda's and Karl's wedding as well as the reception. The ambience was perfect but the couple wanted more.

Their wedding planner, fortunately, showed her a site that sold wedding accessories. They had a collection of wine wedding favors which she could choose from. Linda found mini martini glasses which she thought could hold chocolates shaped like wine bottles which their guests (that includes me!) could enjoy after dinner. They could then take the mini glasses home as a reminder of the great time they had at their wedding. She also found wedding party bottle holders which will keep their wine well-insulated during the reception. All-in-all, the wedding planner and Linda found wedding favors which they used as decorations that were in keeping with their wine theme.