Losing Weight Gained from Pregnancy with HCG

Pregnancy is a major cause of weight gain. This is true for thousands of women in the world, me included. I did not have too much of a problem getting rid of the fat I gained during my first pregnancy as I was younger then. But it has been years since I last gave birth to my second child but I have not successfully gotten rid of the weight I gained during that pregnancy even after rigorous workouts and a string of diets. I was losing hope.

A friend suggested that I try the HCG diet. I was afraid at first but she said she tried it herself and judging by her figure, it is pretty obvious that the diet worked for her. I purchased it with some misgivings but at that point, I was desperate to try anything. It required that I decrease my caloric intake severely but having gone through several diet programs, that requirement was not going to be a problem at all.

On the first day that I started on the HCG plan, I lost a total of 2 pounds. I reduced my calorie intake to about 500 a day. While on the plan, my appetite was suppressed. I did not feel hungry. In no time, I had lost the weight that I had been trying to get rid of for the past two years. Once I had gained the ideal weight I had been trying to obtain, I stopped using the plan. There was no need for it because I was where I wanted to be.