Swat Fuel for Our Everyday Heroes

Our law enforcers need a lot of energy and stamina to be able to perform their duties effectively. It is not a secret that their jobs require them to work particularly long hours and this fact takes a toll on their bodies the most. Not only are their hours long, but the demands of their job on their physiques are extraordinary. They are required to be alert and be completely focused even after long hours of work. The demands of the job on their physical capacities are nothing less than superhuman. Thus, it is of particular importance that they be healthy and fit.

SWAT Fuel founder, Dan Olesnicky, M.D., is a member of a SWAT team and at the same time, a physician for that team. He is privy to the physical requirements of his profession and he knows the rigors these men in uniform have to go through in the performance of their duties. Thus, he came up with supplements for military men, law enforcers, EMS personnel, firefighters and shift workers whose work hours are particularly long and whose jobs are stressful and rigorous. The supplements serve to sharpen their senses, heighten their performance, and generally improve their health. His line of neutraceuticals are specially designed to ensure that these professionals are physically equipped to handle their tasks even if the demands of their jobs require superhuman effort every time they come in for work. The supplements come in two variants: in solid or liquid form.