Wedding Favor Bags for the Perfect Wedding Gifts

Wedding favors are what the guests bring home as a memento of the wedding they just attended. Meticulous care and a lot of thought goes into the preparation of the gifts that guests get to bring home as well as the wedding favor bags that hold them. The two items need to be coordinated perfectly as they represent the couple as well as the wedding ceremony that the couple gets to share with their guests.

I wanted a funky bag to hold my wedding favor. None of those that the wedding planner had presented came up to my expectations. I pictured the wedding favor bags as simple but in bright colors that represent the garden theme of our wedding. I wanted them to be in bright greens, pinks, oranges, and yellows – the colors that were incorporated in the flowers that we had chosen to decorate the aisle where I would walk through as well as those on the reception tables. Finally, our wedding planner found funky felt gift bags with bright pumpkin flowers as decoration. The moment I saw the wedding favor bags, I fell in love with them. They were exactly what I wanted and more. They were the perfect wedding favor bags for our perfect wedding gifts.

Katie from said "Everything has to be perfect at a wedding and wedding favours are by far no exception! If you let the guests take home something that's beautiful, maybe even keepable as a memento it will help them remember your special day as long as you do."