Wedding Favors for Cousin May's Cinderella Wedding

My aunt was excited at the thought that my cousin was finally getting married. She and her boyfriend had been steadily dating since they were junior high school students. They had been engaged for the last two years. They had stable jobs and she felt it was high time that they settled down and started their own family.

Cousin May wanted a Cinderella wedding complete with a horse-drawn carriage. Her fiancĂ©e acceded to her wishes since he felt that every girl deserves the wedding she has always dreamt of. In fact, he had already found a horse-drawn carriage we could rent for the occasion. It would bring my cousin to the garden where the wedding ceremony and the reception are going to be held. One problem we encountered was finding wedding favors to give to the guests as a memento of the event. My cousin wanted candles for wedding favors but she wanted them to be placed in a box shaped like a carriage. We had been searching for a very long time but could not find wedding favor packages shaped like a carriage. The wedding planner showed us wedding favor candles from an online supplier of wedding accessories that were shaped like Cinderella’s wedding carriage. May immediately fell in love with the candles. They were packaged in a clear box. We just added personalized ribbons to the clear box for a daintier presentation. The wedding favors were perfect for the theme she had chosen.