A Unity Candle Ceremony to Make Your Wedding More Significant

A ceremony that is becoming a popular addition to the traditional wedding vows is the unity candle ceremony. It adds a more visual aspect to the vows made by the bride and the groom to each other that makes their union more tangible. It is usually added towards the end of the usual ceremony, following the exchange of rings.

The unity candle ceremony requires the use of three candles: two smaller tapered candles and a large pillar candles. As the mothers of the bride and groom come forward during the initial walk down the aisle, they each light one of the smaller tapered candles. Each of the tapered candles that have been lit by the mothers is placed at the sides. They are supposed to represent the individual families from which the bride and groom come.

The unity candle ceremony commences with the bride and groom getting the two tapered candles on each side. They light the large pillar candle at the center together with the lights from the tapered candles that their mothers lit. After doing so, the bride and groom blow out each other’s candles. This signifies the end of their individual lives and the beginning of their lives as a couple. The officiator then proceeds with the rest of the wedding ceremony.