Better Service

I've had my share of bad service. From telephone service, to cable and even with my internet service provider; I've had bad experiences before I found the one that works for me. The last one was from an insurance company who gave me a roundabout regarding my claim. The customer service kept asking me to call back and they ignored my letters.  When finally I got to talk to one of their agents, he couldn't help me with my claim.  I got so pissed that I had to use legal remedies just so that I can collect what is due me.

I should not have allowed myself to be sweet-talked into buying a policy from an unknown company. And as if it's not enough, my husband gave me the "I told you so" look. But what can I do? All I wanted was to save money and the offer was hard to resist. Because of this sad experience, I have begun asking around for a good auto insurance. Several friends have referred different companies but aarp keeps coming up. I will definitely give them a second look. It is difficult to find a good car insurance that will really take care of you.

With this kind of economy, I want every cent to count. We have to wise and prudent with every expense. My husband had always reminded me about business that are only good on paper. I've learned my lesson and I will not be sweet-talked again. I should always listen to those who are in the know. I did not want to disturb my husband with what I thought was trivial and I thought I was helping him by cutting down on our expenses. Now I know how important an insurance is and I am glad to discover that there are many ways to research on the best insurance companies and the products they offer. Sometimes it is better to deal directly with a company than go through an agent.

How about you? Have you had bad experiences too? It's not bad to be frugal but we have to be prudent too.