Creative Wedding Guest Book Ideas

The wedding guest book is the first thing your guests get to see as they enter the wedding area. It creates the first impression. It is important, therefore, that it represents the entirety of the motif and the theme you have chosen for your very special day.

Traditionally, the wedding guest book is a record of the guests who attend the wedding. It is simply a book that the guests sign as they enter the reception. These traditional wedding guest books now come in a wide array of designs and patterns that one can choose from. They are uniquely crafted with embroidered embellishments, ribbons, lace and various other additions that add elegance to these items. Most often, the guest books are designed, not just for the guests to sign but also provides a space where guests can leave personal notes to the bride and groom.

Becoming a popular alternative to the traditional wedding guest book are photo mats that are framed which are conveniently displayed at the entrance. The guests get to leave their notes and signature on the photo mats which makes for a great memento of your special day. A variation of this idea is the inscribable mat kit which allows guests to make a permanent etching on the mat that will not fade over time. These kits make a personalized record of the special day that is unique and new. Whether you decide to go the traditional route or with newer alternatives, wedding guest books serve as a reminder of the cherished moments of your wedding.