Getting Refunds from

Simply unsubscribing from the website means that a member is no longer interested in getting emails or notifications from the company. This act does not mean that the member has ended his subscription to the services provided by the company.

Members who sign up to the website agree to pay for the services if they fail to cancel before the allotted time, which is before the day the individual signed up for a subscription. The MyLife Refund is not received my members who fail to call up the customer service department of the website and inform them directly that he no longer wishes to continue with the subscription to the website. Most often, these individuals simply clicked on the ‘Unsubscribe’ button on the website thinking that this will terminate their subscription to the services provided by the company. The button only unsubscribes a member from receiving notifications from administrators of the website and not from membership with the website.

An additional step that must be done by individuals who pay for the services of the website through Paypal requires them to call the Customer Service Department of directly and inform them of the cancelation of subscription to the service. Forgetting this step makes the individual ineligible for the MyLife Refund. These are two simple steps to ensure that a refund gets back to you.