Green Carpet Cleaning with Green Choice

Vacuuming is our first line of defense when we are trying to keep our carpets or rugs clean. Eventually, however, we need to have them cleaned professionally and most often, professional carpet cleaners use dry cleaning agents such as perchloroethylene and naphthalene which are known to be carcinogenic substances that can cause cancer. They are also known to cause dizziness and irritation from the fumes. They also have negative effect on most household pets. They should never be allowed in our homes.

It becomes imperative that when we cannot avoid having our rugs and carpet cleaned professionally, we always ask for a green carpet cleaner to be used in cleaning them. This means only plant-based alternative solvents should be used on our rugs and carpets. With Green Choice, you are assured that only the best biodegradable, non-toxic products and cleaning solutions are used in every job.

Green Choice is dedicated to giving their customers only the best and most professional cleaning services at the most competitive and affordable rates. They are the best carpet cleaning service you can find in NYC. They also provide the best customer service experience to all their clients. They take care of all your cleaning needs promptly and effectively. Their services include every aspect of carpet care.