Improving Your Game with Cleveland Golf’s Almost Belly Putter

A belly putter is so-called because the golfer traditionally anchors the end of the shaft against his or her belly. It has a longer shaft that the traditional putter and is just the right length so that the shaft anchors against the belly. They range from 41 to 4r inches in length and generally require a two-handed stroke. Cleveland Golf offers the Classic Collection Black Belly Putters in four lengths – 45, 43 and 41. They also offer the cleveland almost belly putter at 39 inches. The putters in the Classic Collection Black Belly, anchors to the mid-section, thus, providing greater stability and better alignment. They also help stabilize the wrists through the stroke.

Belly putters are known to increase accuracy and decrease your score, thus, improving your game. It is used by balancing the end of the putter against the body, acting as a fulcrum, allowing the club to pivot around. This makes it easier to make a straight pendulum motion on the target line. The contact with the mid-section is what removes the twisting and turning of the hips and wrists, thus, allowing a straighter and more consistent shot.

This anchoring is what makes the belly putter controversial. As a result, the USGA and R & A have ruled that by January 1, 2016, anchoring will no longer be allowed but belly putters will remain legal, just as long as they aren’t anchored to the mid-section. Thus was born the Cleveland Almost Belly which just barely touches the mid-section. Nevertheless, it still allows you to putt with a straighter path.