Losing Weight Naturally with HCG

The HCG diet program is gaining popularity, not only because the weight loss reported is rapid and requires no exercise, but more importantly, HCG is a naturally occurring hormone so it is easily perceived as a safe dietary supplement to be used in conjunction with the diet plan.

HCG drops available in the market contain the HCG hormone which is also referred to as the pregnancy hormone. It occurs naturally to pregnant women and its primary function is to tell our bodies to release the fats stored in our metabolism for the use of both the mother and the baby. The HCG diet is homeopathically derived so that both men and women can use them along with a low calorie diet. The plan is designed to mimic the HCG’s natural functions in the body which leads to the rapid weight loss.

A number of products and diet plans have been constructed that makes use of HCG as a supplement while on a diet plan. Some supplements combine HCG with other natural extracts such as arginine which enables the muscles to use calories more efficiently thus ensuring that the body does not convert excess calories to fat; L-carnitine which increases our metabolism and assists in the conversion of stored fat to energy; and ornithine which limits muscle loss commonly associated with low calorie diets. Together, these ingredients maximize fat loss while simultaneously suppressing food cravings while you are on a low-calorie diet plan. This encourages rapid weight loss through natural processes using natural ingredients with the least negative side effects.