Symbolizing a Partnership Through a Unity Ceremony

The unity ceremony has become a popular addition to the traditional wedding ceremony because it adds a visual aspect to the promise of a partnership which the couple signs up for when they get married. More than the union of the two individuals getting married, the unity ceremony also symbolizes the blending of their two families. For these reasons, they have become all the more popular and a lot of options have surfaced as to how this union can be represented in a ceremony.

Still the favorite option is the unity candle ceremony where two candles lit by the couple’s mothers are used to light a bigger candle to signify the union, not just of the individuals but of their families as well. In the unity sand ceremony, the couple each pours sand from separate vials into a single container. Pretty much the same process is observed for the unity wine ceremony and the unity water ceremony.

There are even more modifications to the unity ceremony that you can choose from when planning your own wedding. In the unity hand ceremony, the bride and groom face each other and take each other’s hands, palms up. The one officiating the wedding invites each of them to view the other’s hand as a gift while reciting the many significances of this hand. Their hands are then tied together with a cord by the mothers of the bride and groom.

Various traditions have come into play with the unity ceremony. There are now as many alternatives and modifications as there are families. You can certainly make up your own or vary the more popular choices to suit your taste.


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