The Growing Popularity of the HCG Diet

The HCG diet is slowly gaining popularity as people with weight problems take to it for several reasons. HCG is a natural-occurring hormone so dieters feel that HCG drops are safe to use. What it does is it inhibits our craving for food. Taken in conjunction with the low-calorie HCG diet, weight loss is faster and efficient. The HCG drops are normally formulated with other ingredients such as arginine, a material which improves the ability of the muscles to make use of calories more efficiently. L-carnitine is also usually infused with the HCG hormones which increases our metabolism and optimizes the conversion of stored body fat into energy. This helps to get rid of our body fat faster. Ornithine limits muscle loss which is associated with low calorie diets. Thus, while on the low calorie HCG diet, the ornithine infused in the HCG drops ensures that we do not lose our muscles in significant proportions, which can be dangerous.

The HCG diet comes highly recommended precisely because it is effective in causing weight loss. The unique blend of fat burning ingredients contained in the drops that are ingested while on the low-calorie HCG diet ensures that weight is lost fast and efficiently. The results are truly amazing, which is why the formula has grown steadily popular with people who want to lose those unwanted pounds.