The Truth About HCG and Weight Loss

Statistics indicate that about 2/3 of Americans are obese. When that large a portion of the entire US population is overweight, the drive to find effective diet solutions, especially those that are quick and easy, can be really intense. Thus, all kinds of diets are being introduced to the millions who are desperate to lose weight. Sadly, only a handful is truly effective.

The discovery that human chorionic gonadotropin, a hormone that is produced by women during pregnancy is an effective hunger suppressant and can trigger your body to use its stored fat content and turn it into energy has caused the development of HCG based supplements to aid in weight loss. They come in the form of drops and are recommended for use with a low-calorie diet. The compound in the drops prompts the body to turn the stored fat into energy. Combined with the recommended diet of only 1200 calories a day, and some exercise, the results are fast and effective. It might be possible to take only the drops without keeping to the diet but it will probably not be as much as when the drops are taken as an adjunct to the recommended diet. The drops are readily available and is taken orally so it is easy to get on the program now and start losing weight immediately.