Wedding Favors for a Unique Wedding

The guests to a wedding usually are given wedding favors to remember the ceremony that they have shared with the individuals who have decided to celebrate their union with them. Careful thought and consideration comes in choosing these Wedding favors as they will forever represent the special event. It becomes especially difficult to find wedding favors if the ceremony has a unique theme.

Take for example the unique request of a couple my cousin worked with recently. As their wedding planner, she had to come up with a special way of presenting the chocolate truffles which the bride makes as a chocolatier. It was a challenge because they did not want the chocolates to be served simply on plates.  My cousin had to come up with a unique way of presenting her work to the guests in attendance.

She solicited the assistance of an online supplier of wedding accessories who showed her some miniature phantom chairs in clear acrylic which they had in their inventory. Seeing them, she had the idea that they could be the perfect way to present the decadent chocolate truffles and at the same time, serve as novel place card holders. Cousin Melanie brought a sample to the couple, complete with a die-cut sticker with an elegant metallic print that showed the name of one of their guests. She took a selection of chocolate truffles from the bride’s shop and gingerly placed them one on top of the other on the sears of the clear acrylic chairs. When she presented the sample to the couple, they were instantly impressed. So were the guests when they saw what Melanie came up with. She is still getting inquiries from guests who attended that wedding inquiring about her services.