Breast Cancer Info Saves Lives

There have been a lot of cases of breast cancer cases in the family so I make it a point that all of us ladies who are of age, have regular mammograms. I also make it a point that all of us are well informed about the disease so we can at least prevent it. I believe that with early detection, there is a greater chance of surviving from the dreaded disease. Had we known earlier that my husband's aunt had breast cancer, she would have lived longer. This is the reason why I always look for breast cancer info. Understanding what changes women go through as they age, will help you detect the cancer early on.

As I mentioned earlier, regular mammograms is a must to keep breast cancer at bay. But don't just go and ask for a mammogram, you should also know when you should have it to get accurate results. Before you schedule for one, check your menstrual cycle. Experts say the first week of the cycle for women aged 35 and above is the best time for best cancer screening. This is the time when breast density is at its lowest so malignancies are easier to detect.

Proper diet and regular exercise is also a must to keep your body strong and healthy. Seven or more servings of fruits and vegetables daily will not only lower your risk of breast cancer but with other diseases as well. Try to include dark leafy greens, carrots, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, brussels sprouts and tomatoes in your diet. These veggies are the superstars at fighting cancer. Cherries, berries and all the citrus fruits are big time cancer fighters. It's best to eat the veggies raw or slightly cooked  because according to experts, some of the phytochemicals believed to protect us against breast cancer are destroyed by heat.

There are more things you can do to avoid the Big C and I wish I have all the time now to write them all. I promise to share more in the articles to follow. Meanwhile, you can click on link for more information about breast cancer.