How We Welcomed the Year of the Black Snake

Like most Filipino-Chinese, we too, celebrate the Chinese New Year. We may not be as superstitious as the pure bloods, but we do follow some of the traditions. Mom is a Chinese Mestiza and she is the only one in our household who could speak and write Fukien and Mandarin.

We celebrated the Chinese New Year here at our new home last February 10. We prepared some foods that are believed to bring luck. We had steamed fish, sweet rice cakes, spring rolls and Peking Duck. We also had lots of round fruits on the table. I almost forgot about the bulk candy I ordered a couple of days before the big day. It was almost midnight when I noticed that I hadn't filled the harmony tray with candies and sweet treats yet. When the clock struck 12 midnight, we uttered a prayer of thanks and ate.

We didn't have the fireworks just like the others but we did the rolling of oranges early the next day. Mom was once told that when you do that, businesses and homes will be blessed with gold. You are supposed to start rolling from the threshold so luck and money will come in.

While others welcomed the year of the Black Snake with a bang, our family celebrated it quietly at home. My horoscope says this is going to be a very lucky year for me. Although I don't rely on luck, I'm praying that it will be an abundant and great year for me.