Innovative Installation Systems for Tiles and Stones

Schluter Systems produces an innovative line of waterproofing assemblies called the Kerdi line. They can be installed adjacent to walls or at other locations where you require waterproofing and drainage. The line consists of a stainless steel body and grate assembly that can be adjusted to the thickness of the tile or stone covering of your showers, steam rooms, and all other areas where waterproofing and drainage are necessary. A polystyrene foam channel support is also included in the assembly for even better waterproofing. The grate assembly is made of brushed stainless steel and comes in three design grate options which ensure that you will get a virtually invisible drainage line.

The Schluter-Ditra is a polyethylene membrane that was developed to protect the tile assembly. It is an underlayment to the tile and stone coverings that performs multiple functions. First, it is an uncoupling layer which protects the tile from the stresses between the substrate and the tile. This diminishes the danger of cracking and delaminating of the surface. Second, it provides waterproofing whether in interior or exterior applications because of the material used to make it. The free space created by the channels on the underside of the membrane provides a route where excess moisture and vapor can escape reducing the risk of damage to the tile layer above. And lastly, it provides support to the loads that tiles and stones carry, thus preserving the integrity of the tiled surface.

The innovative systems of Kerdi and Ditra have made them very popular installation systems in South Shore Flooring which is a proud dealer of these tile and stone installation accessories. Check out their complete line of Schluter Systems products for your tile and stone installation requirements and ensure that your bathrooms and kitchens are waterproof and that your tiles and stones last longer.