Save Energy with Compact Fluorescent Lamps

We're not done with the interior finishing yet. That CFL bulb you see hanging on the ceiling of my son's room will be replaced by a lamp. I have already seen some compact fluorescent lamps at the home depot but I'd like my son to be the one to choose what would go in his room. He might like something manly, my only condition is that we use CFL.

You just don't know how expensive electricity costs back here. Reports say, the Philippines' electric rate is the second most expensive in Asia. Incandescent bulbs use 75 watts while a CFL bulb only uses 20 watts. Besides, I never liked the somewhat dim glow of yellow incadescent bulbs; not that I always want my room really bright, I just like the white glow of CFLs. There will also be less frequent changes these energy saving bulbs.  An incandescent light bulb  only lasts a year, sometimes less. A CFL can last up to 10 years.

If you're worried about the aesthetic look of your home, CFLs can be used anywhere just like you would with an incandescent light bulb. Most lighting fixtures now have adopted the energy saving fever and these CFLs come in different sizes and designs.