Gifts That Make Her Life Easier

One of the best kinds of gifts is something that will make your life easier. Whether it helps you save time, organize your life, or makes a process more convenient – any gift that can relieve some sort of stress is a good one. When you’re shopping for someone you love, why not show how much you care by gifting her something that can improve her life? Here are some gadgets that are not only fun, but also functional.


If you are shopping for a voracious reader, a device that lets her read her favorite novels electronically will save space, time, and money. Electronic readers let users purchase and download books right from their device (with an Internet connection) once they’ve linked a payment account to the reader. E-readers make it possible to literally carry around your entire canon of literature in a purse or briefcase, and free up tons of space on bookshelves. Your gift recipient can also skip trips to the bookstore when something new comes out – instead, she’ll just have to log on and download it. Get your favorite person a reader with a copy of her favorite book already downloaded!

Smart Phones

If the one you love is stuck in the stone age with a flip phone that can’t connect to the Internet, do her a favor and get her a smart phone. To make it a personalized gift, load the device with her favorite music, and apps that you know will appeal to her. For instance, if she loves to shop on a certain website, download it’s web app for the phone and teach her how to use it. Customize the phone with a case in her favorite color, and get her all of the accessories she’ll need to use the music player in the phone and get on board with newer technology. Your loved one will thank you for helping her make the transition into smart phone ownership.

Customized Closets

When you have some real money to spend, consider splurging on a personalized closet space for your girlfriend or wife. Any woman covets an elaborate closet with space designed specifically for her shoes, bags, and other accessories. Even a relatively small closet can be turned into a fantastic storage space with the right set up. Better yet, if she has a nook in her bedroom that can be turned into a larger, walk-in closet, transform the space into her dream closet as a surprise. Custom closets make her life more organized, so she can easily grab what she needs in the morning and start her day.

Gifts can be thoughtful AND functional. If you’re seeking to give a gift that really shows you care, make an effort to make some aspect of your loved one’s life easier. Whether it’s time saved in the morning as they get ready, or the ability to access their favorite music and books more quickly, making someone’s life function more smoothly shows that you care about her well being and know what she needs.

Jack Harding writes about gifts for women on a variety of blogs, using his experience from working within the gift industry to come up with fun and functional ideas. Visit for ideas.