Home Improvement on a Budget

Little by little you can see the improvements in our house. Late last year, hubs and I bought an old home. It was built some time between the 1960s according to the owner's daughter. It looked great from outside albeit the not so pretty interior. Hubs and I knew we will be in for a lot of repairs but we still bought the house because first, we love the location; second, we got it for a bargain; and lastly, and there is this positive and cheerful feeling when we first came in for a tripping.

Before we moved in, we had the roofing done. The former owner told us that there had been leaks during the past tropical storms. After new roofs were installed we started working on the second floor. There were five small bedrooms but we only need three so we changed the entire layout and made three big rooms. I put the wallpaper on hold because we are working on a budget. What we did was repaint the walls, sanded the floors and applied a diamond finish poly-urethane on the flooring. It turned out great and I love that it's easy to clean. Right after the entire second floor was through, we moved in.

Right now we are working on the kitchen. We hired a carpenter to make new shelves and cupboards. We stripped the old ones because the woods used are starting to rot. Glass and stone tiles will be installed right after the cupboards are done. I'm carefully considering an island but it might take a back seat for now until we're through with the entire house. The living room will follow next, then the bathrooms, the garage and the exterior. The work is a tad slow because of our limited budget but there is nothing like appreciating our hard work every time we finish a part.