Coping with a Death in the Family

Perhaps one of the hardest things that a family must face is the death of the head of the family through accidental or sudden death. There may be times when the passing may be deemed by others as a rather funny death due to the manner of one’s passing. However, to the family members who lost a loved one through accidental death, no matter how ridiculous the manner of death may be to others, the death is a source of much heartache and grief. One thing is certain, no one knows when death will knock on the door and it is important that we devise a plan so that our families are never caught flat-footed if it does occur suddenly.

Coping with death is most often a long and tumultuous process. It does not help when the one who dies is a breadwinner and the family left behind is also left with the uncertainty of having no source of income aside from the money brought in by the person who passed. It is prudent, therefore, for breadwinners to take out a life insurance policy that will keep his family protected in case of his sudden demise. This way, the family will not have the added burden of wondering how they will continue to cope financially if he departs from this earth unexpectedly.

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