Custom-Built Mobile Healthcare Units at Lifeline Mobile

Providing healthcare to populations where hospitals are not readily accessible can be solved through the use of mobile medical units that are custom-built for the specific needs of the group who is aiming to reach out to these communities. It is essential, therefore, that these mobile units meet the demands of the program that is devised to give healthcare to the people of these far-flung areas or marginalized communities. For this reason, you must choose very carefully the company that will build the mobile unit for your healthcare program.

LifeLine Mobile has been a manufacturer of mobile medical units for healthcare purposes since 1987. They have been producing these medical units that are truck-based and built on heavy-duty vehicles that are custom-crafted according to the program’s specific demands and requirements. They build units that are meant to last for decades. The understructure they use is composed of 4-inch I-beams placed under the length of the truck’s undercarriage at cross-sections. They are spacious with a ceiling height that is taller than the rest of the competition by a whopping 32.9%. The quality of the materials they use, the superior expertise, combined with the excellent customer service and flexible terms are comparable to none. In addition, they are committed to developing technologies that are environmentally sound and meet the needs of society responsibly. Find out more about their offerings by checking out their planning guide for their medical units now.