Service to the max

As a manager of a top senior community institution, my brother's job is to make sure all their senior residents have everything they need and that they get only the best to make their stay more enjoyable. After all, the children of their residents are paying thousands of bucks for first class accommodations.

My brother shops only from the best shops. Meat ans seafood are freshly delivered every day, the bread and desserts are from the famous bakeshops and the wines come directly from France. Everything is first class and the residents are definitely living in luxury.

It's like managing a small hotel he says. The only difference is their residents are all senior citizens. He gets his Hotel Bar Supplies from a Hotel Supply Online store, where everything he needs are delivered right away. Some of his equipment came from as far as the Atlanta Hotel Supply store.

The are used to this kind of life and it's what they were looking for when they decided to live there. My brother and his staff always make sure that this is what they get.