Counting the Number of Beats

Whether you are working out or you are an athlete training for a particular sport, you need to monitor your heart rate. It is important to know how fast your heart is beating during and after training or exercise because this will allow you to determine the intensity of your work out. Doing so will also let you know if you are working out at the appropriate level. You do it by simply checking your pulse while working out or right after you stop. 

Back when I was going to the gym, we used to count the pulse by using our middle and fore fingers. Of course that wasn't accurate because you don't exactly get the actual count. Nowadays there are different gadgets to use to get the correct numbers. I've seen some really cool Heart Rate Monitor Watches while browsing online and I was curious on how it works. Depending on your needs, there are a lot of these watches to choose from. Some of these watches can even monitor your blood pressure and measure your steps. 

I'm thinking of getting one of these because I still workout at home. I'd like to know if I'm getting the most of my workout even without a trainer. I am also suffering from hypertension and if I have a heart monitor watch, I'd also be able to monitor my blood pressure.