Electronic Cigarettes at LeCig.com

With the downfall of big tobacco and the growing number of stores and restaurants that no longer allow smoking, smokers often feel the need to hide to have a cigarette. Many states have even created legislation that outlaws smoking in any public place, including businesses, parks and even parking garages. The need for the regulation of smoking is not unfounded. It has long been a well known fact that smoking is very bad for your health. Keeping second-hand smoke out of places where non-smokers shop and eat just makes sense.

So, what options do smokers have when it comes to enjoying a cigarette in public? Electronic cigarettes are quickly becoming popular with smokers worldwide. Electronic cigarettes are legal to smoke in most public places and produce no second-hand smoke. Only water vapor is exhaled, creating no health risks to anyone in surrounding areas. One of the more popular attributes to electronic cigarettes is the wide array of flavors that are available. While traditional cigarettes have long been available in regular flavor and menthol, electronic cigarettes can be flavored with caramel, chocolate, vanilla, mint and thousands of other flavors. For the more adventuresome user, even food flavors are available, from peaches to pizza!

The internet is the largest marketplace for electronic cigarettes, leaving shoppers overwhelmed with electronic cigarette products. Unfortunately, many online retailers offer low quality cigarettes that do not last and are not a good value. The electronic cigarettes at LeCig.com are among the best quality available anywhere. From starter kits to replacement parts, LeCig.com has everything you need to turn away from traditional cigarettes and start using vapor instead!