Get IncentaHEALTH for Your Employees

With over 66% of Americans either obese or overweight, many businesses find themselves paying too much for employee healthcare. It can be difficult to reduce these costs, especially since weight loss is a personal issue for many. Fortunately, there are firms that specialize in boosting employee morale and productivity by helping them take control of their weight issues. An exemplary business in this unique industry is incentaHEALTH. IncentaHEALTH helps employees lose weight and maintain good health by paying them for their efforts. Customized lifestyle coaches communicate with employees using the Internet and provide consistent support that produces desirable results, affecting both businesses and their employees positively. All sensitive employee information is kept confidential, so nobody has to worry about their privacy being invaded. With incentaHEALTH, firms can work towards a brighter future by reducing absenteeism, lowering prescription drug costs, increasing productivity, and more. The best part of this program is that employees can improve not only their professional careers, but also their personal lives by living happier and healthier. Although there are quite a few methods for achieving the same results that incentaHEALTH has to offer, few are as effective and convenient. If you're interested in making use of this program, you can learn more about employee wellness programs at Their ROI calculator can help determine if incentaHEALTH is right for you.