Hubs, the shooter

Back when my husband was young, he was a serious shooter. He has been shooting since his college days up until the time our first born was 5. He used to compete a lot in both practical and precision disciplines events. I used to accompany him during those times and it was fun to watch him shoot. He also taught me how to shoot and he said I have the showings of a great shooter but it just wasn't my thing. Bowling is my real love.

He still has his favorite handguns at home and they are safely cradled inside his gun safe.  The 1911 ACP and some Glock pistols are his most treasured guns. He brings them out to check and clean once in a while and when his friends call, they go out for a target shooting session.

He wants to groom our son to follow his footsteps but maybe it's not the time yet. His mind is still all about drift and long boards. I'd like him to learn how to shoot also even if he won't decide to compete like his dad. He will learn discipline in this sport and he will also learn to become more responsible.