Colourful Children Beds from Tesco

Furnishing a room with limited space is kinda tough especially if two kids have to share. It's a good thing I found colourful children beds online; their pretty and bright colored lofted bedroom sets can easily fit and match any (small or big) room.  I love that the sets come with everything a kid would need built right in -- shelves, drawers, side tables, extra storage under the bed, lights and night lights, etc. The beds are beautifully designed, compact, and modern. Some of their beds even feature an elevated study space where they can read, write or use as a laptop table.

Our twin girls are only turning two but we're already training them to sleep in their room. And to encourage them to sleep in their own beds, I suggested to their mom she buys an attractive and colorful twin bed for them. It's not easy to find beds for multiple kids sharing a room because most of the beds you see in stores are singles. They do offer bunk beds but those are just the regular ones you see with two beds and a stairs. The beds I found at Tesco are functional, comfortable and very affordable. Each set offers a distinct space for each kid, so even if their room is small, each of them will have their own spaces. With this kind of bed, it's also a great way to teach them to organize their things. The attractive and colorful drawers and cabinets will help keep clutter at bay.

If you're looking to buy beds for your kids or even for adults, I suggest you take a look at the colorful beds they offer at Tesco. All their beds were made with the finest materials and non-toxic paints. They were also tested for quality and durability.