E-Hookas: An innovative way of smoking

A new innovative form of smoking has hit the markets. It’s designed to provide satisfaction for smokers, yet provide a pleasant atmosphere for nonsmokers. It is this combination that allows the two live in harmony without offending one another. However, this product is not reserved merely for smokers. The fruit-tasting puff of air is enjoyable to those who do not typically smoke. For those who have recently tried to quit smoking and for those who just enjoy it, e-hookas at Nirvana410.com offers the best of many worlds: the taste of fruit that hookahs offer, a nicotine-free approach at smoking and a simulating smoke experience.

Nirvana420 offers several flavors of Smooth E-Hookahs: • Rockin Blueberry • Jus Peachem • Grapetastic • Apple Dapple • Cool Bliss • Berry Strawberry • Convicted Melon • Mango Mayhem Nirvana420 offers the best in e-hookahs. They exclusively offer these delights. They provide instant satisfaction without ash, charcoal, smoke or nicotine. Their exclusion of nicotine means that they’re not addictive like cigarettes. Each e-hookah offers up to 500 puffs. The taste of each e-hookah is smooth—from the first puff to the last. Nirvana420 offers only the finest in quality tobacco-free products. Nirvana420 offers exceptional service and fantastic prices. As the name implies, they’re heavenly.