Education is Your Best Tool

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You may have the experience and the skills but it's easier for those who attended college to be accepted for a job or land a better paying job. Studies show that those who graduated from college earn more than high school graduates. And more often, degree holders can afford to choose the jobs they apply for. Undergraduates have slimmer chances of landing a job he really wants.

A perfect example is my sister. She was lucky to be working in a laboratory. She is not a medical technologist and she had no experience working in a lab before, but she easily learned the trade and became one of the best technicians in that lab. The thing is, she can't be promoted to a higher position because she didn't have a degree. She had to enroll online to become a certified medical technologist.

So what's my advice? Study while you have the chance. Education is your best tool to achieve your goals and dreams. And don't ever say it's too late to study. Whether you are 65, 35, 25 or 18; you can easily look for an online school. What's great about studying online is you can even continue working while you study.