, a social network for pet owners

Those who own pets and would like to share information about their beloved domestic animal can join the social network for pets at This is social network that has a growing community of pet owners who like to post material about their four-legged friend, or information on animals they are fostering until a new home is available.

If you are looking for a pet, Pet Net World is the place to go and see what its members offer. The free service has people spreading word on animals that need a loving family home to be taken care of. So, if you are trying to find an animal companion for you or your pet, then, take a look at what is posted and pull up details about it. Basic information about the animal can be provided onto the website, to include its name, the breed and where the owner with the pet can be found. It is even possible to show photos and videos, which are sure to help get them into good new homes.

Pet Net World is the ideal site to show-off to others a special animal companion. It gives pet owners the chance to speak of their animal(s) and convey with the community personal stories about themselves and their pet. In addition, it allows anyone the chance to share experiences or exchange information to a group of people with similar pets, or not, and on matters concerning the animals’ habits and behavior. The ability to get in contact with other community members to share news on pets or fostered animals as well as enabling them to insert photos and videos, makes the Pet Net World's social network and service unique and apart from any other.