Safety First

Pool accidents do happen, toddlers who may have escaped their parents' notice could end up drowning. Aside from accidents like this, house pets could make a costly mess whenever they get into the pool.

In US alone, an estimated 280 children ages 5 below drown each year in backyard swimming pools, not to mention the more than 2000 children treated in hospitals because of submersion accidents. Based on their statistics, about 77% of these were between 1 to 3 years old. Most of the victims are those who are too young to know how to swim and too young to be left on their own.

No matter how attentive you are, you can never be sure of your child's safety. Aside from strict vigilance and attentiveness, pool owners or parents should also be concerned about pool safety. Using pool supplies that are not harmful and installing a pool fence around the backyard to keep them from gaining access to the pool should be your main concerns. A perfect pool fence should prevent your child from getting under or over and should have self-closing gates to keep the little ones from getting to the pool. For your supplies, you can get them from, leading supplier of safe pool products and equipment.

Pool accidents can be prevented. You can still allow your children enjoy the fun of summer and their love for swimming while also making sure they are safe.