The Benefits of Juices Like Xango Juice

Juice is trending right now. Juice companies like Jamba Juice, Booster Juice, Naked Juice, and Xango Juice are all expanding like crazy in today’s world because as people have become more and more health conscious, juice has become a popular choice for snacking or even meals like breakfast or lunch. Specifically, companies like Xango have introduced juice-drinkers to mangosteen. If you have not heard of mangosteen, but you are looking for a yummy and healthy juice option, here are some quick facts on mangosteen to help you decide if this is a type of juice you would like to try.

What Is Mangosteen?

Mangosteen is a fruit. This fruit grows on evergreen trees, mainly in southeast Asia. Mangosteen should not be confused with the mango fruit; mangosteen has a very different flavor than the mango. Mangosteen is a very sweet fruit that also has a tart flavor to it, whereas a mango is usually just sweet without the tart. This combination of flavors makes mangosteen juice yummy by itself, even without any other fruits with it. A mangosteen also has a very different form than a mango. The mangosteen is actually more similar to the orange in its form. It has a white center that is segmented like the sections of an orange.

What Are the Benefits of Mangosteen?

Mangosteen has an active compound in it called xanthones. Xanthones have antioxidant properties, which means that this compound can help remove dangerous oxidizing agents in your body. The compounds in mangosteen have many health benefits associated with it. The main benefit to mangosteen is that it can be a healthy and safe means of aiding weight loss because it is so natural and does not have fattening components. Mangosteen juices like Xango Juice or certain kinds of Naked Juice can replace fattening snacks in order to aid in weight loss. Additionally, mangosteen can help you regulate intestinal health and boost your immune system. This kind of juice can even help improve your joint function. It can also improve the function of your respiratory system. As you can see, juices made with the mangosteen fruit can play a huge role in helping you feel healthier and more energized.